nom forskningsprofilen Språk- och litteraturvetenskap samt ämnenas didaktik (SOLD) finns såväl ett ämnesorienterat som ett didaktiskt perspektiv på språk- och litteraturvetenskap.

Språk- och litteraturvetenskap samt ämnenas didaktik

Mathematics, Science and Engineering including subject didactics

The subject didactics research that is conducted in Mathematics, Science and Engineering is characterised by the fact that it theorises the study and development of practices.

How students experience the teaching and how teachers create conditions for learning in the classroom are key questions that the two research groups focus on.

A general research objective is to study and support processes that help teachers create opportunities for pupils to develop their skills in the subjects in question.

MNT has regular seminar activities with around six meetings per year. Here international researchers, researchers in MNT and teachers meet for discussions on for example theory, methodology, and empirical domains that are common to the environment and that we wish to develop.

Seminar activities are also conducted with continual meetings within the research groups.

More information about the research milieu

For more information about the research milieu, please contact the Scienfific leader.


Andreas Ryve