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Managing your MDH account

You should change your password regularly.

On the Account Management page, you can:

  • See when the password expires.
  • Change your password.

Important information before changing your password

Mac users currently need to be on campus for the password to sync to the computer.

  • If you work on campus, your computer should be plugged into a docking station.
  • However, if you are using Wi-Fi on campus, you must be connected to a VPN before changing your password.
  • If you work remotely, you must be connected to a VPN before changing your password.
  • Important information when you have changed your password

    • Do you have a PC and changed the password via Wi-Fi or remotely?
      • Lock the computer (CTRL+Alt+Delete – select lock computer). Then unlock with the new password and the computer password will be updated.
    • The final step is to update all your other devices where you use your MDH account with the new password. For example, Eduroam on the telephone, computer, Ipad/tablet.
    A device with an incorrect password will lock your account for 30 minutes.

    Account management

    Here you can manage your MDH-account, e.g. change password

    Account management
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