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For suppliers and customers

Here you will find financial information for our customers and suppliers such as invoice management and payment information.

Invoicing to MDH

It is mandatory for suppliers to the public sector (which includes Mälardalen University) to send electronic invoices. This requirement applies from the first invoice, and even though no agreement exists between the parties. By an e-invoice is meant an invoice that is both issued, sent and received in a structured electronic format.

Please note that PDFs and similar formats do not count as e-invoices.

E-invoice by PEPPOL

MDH requests e-invoices to be sent via the PEPPOL network in the first instance. Information you need to be able to send to us:

PEPPOL-ID: 0007:2021002916

E- invoice via a VAN operator

If your company is today using a VAN operator, or has a business system of its own for sending e-invoices, you may use this party as an intermediary for invoices to Mälardalen University.

Details of Mälardalen University:
VAN operator: Opus Capita Solutions AB
Party identity Svefaktura: 2021002916
GLN: 7350070160009
Organisation registration number: 202100-2916 V
AT/Moms registration number: SE202100291601 3

E- invoice via the Invoice Portal

If your company does not have system support for sending e-invoices, you can connect to the Invoice Portal (Fakturaportalen) to create and send e-invoices (in the Svefaktura format) in an easy way. This solution is suitable primarily for smaller suppliers who send few invoices (free of charge up to 25 invoices per month).Register in the Invoice Portal (Fakturaportalen) External link.Mälardalen University has compiled instructions for how to get started.
Send an email to fakturaservice@mdh.se to have this sent to you. 

Formats that MDH can receive

  • PEPPOL Bis Billing 3.0
  • Svefaktura
  • Attachments can be enclosed

Requirements for a 5-digit reference code on the invoice

Mälardalen University’s reference-ID consists of a 5-digit code, 3 letters and 2 figures, (e.g. ABC01). Only a reference-ID or order number may be given. If this information is missing, we urge you to request this.

Terms of payment and default interest

MDH has 30 days payment terms unless otherwise agreed upon.MDH accepts default interest in accordance with the Interest Act from the due date until payment is made.

Verification service

You may use SFTI’s verification service free of charge to check that the electronic invoice is correct.

Search for PEPPOL recipient

Search for a recipient in PEPPOL External link.

Bear in mind that you need to know the recipient’s PEPPOL ID to be able to search.

Full text serach for recipient in PEPPOL External link.

Payments to MDH

As a customer of MDH, it is important to know how invoices and grants to the university's operations must be paid in order for the income to be booked correctly. Payment to MDH must be made to a bank giro account. Payment from abroad is made to IBAN / BIC.

When you make a payment to the university, it is important that you provide information regarding the payment, such as invoice number, posting according to the submitted documentation, so that the amount paid in is booked correctly.



Mälardalen University uses Danske Bank.

Bank address:
Danske Bank

Box 7523
SE-103 103 Stockholm

Payments from Sweden

Payment of invoice and requisition issued by MDH. Bankgiro account 5201-5864

Payment from abroad

IBAN: SE211200 0000 0128 1011 2525


Questions should be directed to: kundreskontra@mdh.se



Questions may be put to: fakturaservice@mdh.se or telephone +4621101438.

Fore more information, please send an e-mail to: fakturaservice@mdh.se

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