Industrial Economics and Organisation


In the field of Industrial Economics and Organisation, the following third cycle courses are available.


Please contact the course coordinator for more information and registration.

Higher Seminar 7,5 hp

Course syllabus Pdf, 78.3 kB.

Re-framing digitalization

  • Credits: 5 hp
  • Term: February 3 th - March 29 th 2022 (10.15 am -16.00 pm)
  • February 3: Introduction to the course
  • February 17: Digitalization, work and organizing - a practice-based approach
  • March 10: Digital Business Models, Platforms and Business Ecosystems
  • March 29: Conclusion and presentation of PhD candidated
  • Course coordinator: Rana Mostaghel
  • Apply to Madeléne Westerberg, Research Administrator.

Course syllabus Pdf, 201.9 kB.

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