Inom Mälardalens studentkår finns ett särskilt doktorandråd som representerar högskolans forskarstuderande, doktoranderna. Doktorandrådets målsättning är att alla doktorander på MDH ska vara medvetna om sina rättigheter och skyldigheter.

The Doctoral Student Council is the research student’s voice at the University

In the Mälardalen Student Union there is a special doctoral student council which represents the University’s research students, the doctoral students. The goal of the Doctoral Student Council is that all doctoral students at MDH shall be aware of their rights and obligations.

The Doctoral Student Council consists of representatives of the doctoral student group and they are responsible for student influence within the field of research studies. The Council comprises a Chair (called the Doctoral Student Representative) and two Doctoral Student Council representatives for each School. The Doctoral Student Council has the task of safeguarding the interests of doctoral students as a group and individually.

The Doctoral Student Council works to ensure that the education maintains good quality, and they represent the voice of the research students in the University. If there are difficulties in cooperation between the University and individual doctoral students, the Doctoral Student Council shall give advice and guidance.

There is also a Doctoral Student Ombudsman to whom doctoral students may turn should they feel wrongly treated or made unwelcome.

List of members in the Doctoral Student Council

Doctoral Student

Johanna Zetterlund



Doctoral Student

Johannes Finnman




Julia Callegari



Doctoral Student

Mahsa Daraei



Doctoral Student

Moksadur Rahman



Doctoral Student

Per Bäck



Doctoral Student

Hamidur Rahman