Kombinera elitidrott med högskolestudier


Combining elite sports with studies

As an elite athlete you have the opportunity during your studies at MDH to obtain extra support to be able to study and pursue your sport at the same time.

MDH is what is known as a sport-friendly university. This means that the University has a collaboration with the Swedish Sports Confederation to make it simpler for athletes at the elite level to pursue higher education studies. As an elite athlete at MDH you can for example obtain an adapted study route and a reduced rate of study. Together with a study adviser for the programme or course you are reading you will draw up a plan for how you will be able to educate yourself at the same time as you are pursuing your sport.

Our ambition is that as a student you will be able to combine both your careers in parallel, from a long-term perspective. An academic education is a way for active elite athletes to prepare themselves for a professional career after their sporting life.


What counts as elite sports?

Please contact a study adviser to get more information about MDH’s definition of elite athletes.


Here’s what you do

  • When you have been admitted to a programme or a course it is important that you contact the study adviser for your chosen programme or course straight away to get information about what possibilities there are to adapt your studies according to your needs.
  • Submit an application to your particular sports association who can testify that you are an elite athlete according to MDH’s definition. You then take this certificate back to your study adviser at MDH.
  • When you have started your education, an agreement is written between you and MDH describing what expectations there are on both you and the University.
  • Have regular contact with your study adviser during the time you are studying so that you can produce an individual study plan and plan different solutions regarding for example rate of study, choice of courses, examinations and teaching.


For more informatiob about combining elite sports with studying at MDH,
please contact studenttorget@mdh.se