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If you want to learn principles, methods, tools and project strategies for efficient execution of projects in order to gain high quality competence in industrial project management, this course is for you.

The course is suitable for you who work in product development, or with improvements in production, or in an administrative project.

You will develop knowledge and skills about how to enhance your project management capabilities and deliver predetermined project results. During the course, you will work with, and relate the acquired knowledge and skills to project management in your own company.

The phases found in projects are covered; establish, execute, hand-over to line organisation and close-out of the project. Organisational aspects of project management are in focus such as leadership, agility, quality management, communication and decision-making.

You will learn to

  • Demonstrate the ability to develop a project execution plan, including selection of suitable methods and tools for execution.
  • Describe, evaluate and analyse how various activities and decisions influence the project and possibility to reach the planned project goals.
  • Demonstrate the ability of executing a project in an industrial context including change management, communication, reporting, hand over and close-out of the project.
  • Demonstrate skills in describing the relationship between organisation and leadership, learning as well as communication regarding project management.
  • Analyse opportunities and limitations for using agile methods in industrial project management, and relate to relevant theories within project management.

Entry requirements

40 credits in Engineering/Technology and at least two years’ experience in full-time employment in a relevant area within industry. Since the course is given in English, you need knowledge of the English language.

If you do not have the formal qualifications required, you can have your eligibility evaluated based on knowledge acquired in other ways, such as work experience, other studies etc.

The course is given in the autumn semester. Application opens mid-March.


Senior Lecturer

Yvonne Lagrosen




The course is part of the Premium project in which MDH offers courses aimed at giving the industry the competence needed for sustainable and smart production.

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