Computer Architecture

  • Credits 7.5  credits
  • Education ordinance First cycle
  • Study location Västerås
  • Course code CDT204
  • Main area Computer Science

A computer scientist/engineer or anyone who uses programming in their jobs must have a good understanding of the underlying hardware and its relation with the software running on it. Understanding the inner-workings of a modern microprocessor, its functions and connection between hardware and software is the key to develop programs that are optimized for performance, cost and energy/environment. The course focuses on high performance architecture and memory systems and also multiprocessors and parallel computing hardware. It serves both as an advanced course for more advanced study and as a broad overview of the field of computer architecture.

Occasions for this course

Autumn semester 2021

  • Autumn semester 2021


    7.5 credits


    2021-08-30 - 2021-11-07 (part time 50%)

    Education ordinance

    First cycle

    Course type


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    Study location


    Course syllabus & literature

    See course plan and literature list (CDT204)

    Specific requirements

    Knowledge of programming with a high level programming language and Boolean algebra. This can be achieved by completing the courses Programming 7.5 credits and Discrete Mathematics 7.5 credits or equivalent.


    Upper secondary (high school) grades, Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test, University credits

Questions about the course?

If you have any questions about the course, please contact the Course Coordinator.


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