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Datum 2021-11-03
Artikeltyp News

The combination of architecture and research highlights our impact on the Earth

John Palmesino från organisationen Territorial Agency

John Palmesino from the organization Territorial Agency

Man's irreversible impact on Earth has led researchers to identify a new type of epoch – a geological epoch they call the Anthropocene. But how can we see our impact on the planet? One way to illustrate it is to combine art and science.

The Anthropocene epoch is characterised by the extinction of ecosystems and the deep and rapid transformation of environments. Today, there is a great need to try to illustrate these complex transformations and to continually keep the issue alive in different contexts.

John Palmesino, who is an architect and urbanist, has tried to draw attention to this by combining art and science. Together with Ann-Sofi Rönnskog, he founded Territorial Agency, an independent organisation that combines architecture, research and advocacy activities to address the complex transformations of the Anthropocene epoch. They are trying to challenge the way we view the world as a political entity and address the need for new negotiations and meetings. It is what he refers to as "peace architecture."

Territorial Agency has been awarded the European Commission's major prize by honouring innovation in Technology, Industry and Society which is stimulated by art.

John will participate in our upcoming digital sustainability days event, to show us and tell us more about his and Territorial Agency's work.

Territorial Agency: Oceans in Transformation. Commissioned by TBA21–Academy.
© Territorial Agency

This film is an example of how the Territorial Agency tries to illustrate these complex transformations, by combining architecture and research.

Want to know more about the work of Territorial Agency?

During our upcoming digital Sustainability Days event, John Palmesino will talk about their efforts and how they are trying to challenge the way we view the world. 

Participate during the Sustainability Days, 9-10th November
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