Become a mentor and develop your leadership qualities

Become a mentor and develop your leadership qualities

Get to know a student and share your experiences. Offering to be a mentor gives you, as a leader of operations, a valuable insight into the academic world. You will also get the chance to develop your leadership qualities and you can broaden your network of contacts with other mentors.

It’s not always easy for students and employers to find one another. Therefore the Career Plaza at MDH have produced the Mentor Programme, the aim of which is to strengthen the relationships between the University’s students and the region’s employers. While still studying the students already gain relevant contacts in working life and a good insight into what future working life could be like.

Why become a mentor?

Mentorship is fun and rewarding for both parties and will suit you who wish to develop personally and professionally. Meeting a student can give you new perspectives on your skills, and you can get the chance to reflect on your experience, your workplace and your work.

Examples of the advantages of mentorship. You gain for example:

  • Insight into the University’s study programmes and their content.
  • Knowledge of how a student thinks regarding their future employers.
  • An opportunity to meet a possible future recruit.
  • Networking

Structure of the mentor programme

The programme goes on during the period from October to May. After this the student meets their mentor regularly at times convenient to them both. Apart from this, joint meetings will be arranged in which the participants get the opportunity to exchange experiences.

You can enquire about the Mentor Programme whenever you like during the year. All MDH’s programme students may apply, but for both the mentor and student to get as much as possible out of it, we match a student with a mentor as far as possible with a corresponding or similar professional orientation or education.

Would you like to know more about what being a mentor means?

Contact the Career Plaza +46 (0)21-10 70 90

Words from mentors

New perspectives

I’m a mentor because it gives me an insight into how students think and look at things. In my work with digitalisation in the energy sector I benefit greatly as a mentor from the new perspectives a student can give me.

Fredrik Starfelt, Development Engineer at Vattenfall

Energy and belief in the future

Being a mentor is getting the opportunity to get to know a person you would probably never have met otherwise. You get the opportunity to gain new knowledge at the same time as you share yours. By supporting and talking you can give a student the opportunity to get a good insight into how working life works. Mentorship gives me energy and a belief in the future!

Madeleine Ahlqvist, Business Manager, Hallstahammar Municipality

Fun and instructive

"I like the structure of the programme, with individual meetings alternating with exchange of experiences at the joint meetings at the University. It’s interesting to get an insight into how a young student thinks regarding their education and their future. It’s fun and instructive being a mentor!"

Monika Aarti, Office Manager, Bombardier Transportation in Västerås