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  • 2021-06-04 17:00–18:00

VESS-talk about the FUDIPO project

Erik Dahlquist, senior professor in Energy Technology, presents the FUDIPO project at a VESS talk within the framework of EUROSIM, which is the joint simulation organization for Europe's 16 national and regional simulation organizations (Including Russia).

The EU project “FUDIPO” in the SPIRE-program are focusing on implementation of AI systems in process industries using both physical and statistical models. Implementations at Oil refinery (Tupras, Istanbul), Fiber line in pulp and paper industry in Sweden, Large CHP plant burning waste in Vasteras Sweden, Waste water treatment plant also in Vasteras Sweden, but with ABB as driver and fleet management of small scale CHP plants with gas turbines in central Europe (MTT, Netherlands driving). The FUDIPO project has also developed soft sensors from NIR-spectra to give feed-forward signals on wood quality, waste quality respectively oil quality. The models have been used for MPC, diagnostics and decision support.

FUDIPO – Future DIrections for Process industry Optimization

Project manager: Erik Dahlquist

Research area: Digitalisation

Main financing: EU Horizon 2020 SPIRE-2

The goal with the project is to develop a future process optimization system, and the project is within EU Horizon 2020, program SPIRE-2 (Sustainable Process Industry Research).

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