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  • Study location Room Paros, MDH Västerås/online via Zoom
  • 2020-12-16 13:00–15:00

Markus Wallmyr försvarar sin doktorsavhandling i datavetenskap

The public defense of Markus Wallmyr’s doctoral thesis in Computer Science will take place at Mälardalen University, room Paros (Västerås Campus), and online on Zoom, at 13.00 on December 16, 2020.

Title: “Exploring Heavy Vehicle Interaction”.

Serial number: 329

The faculty examiner is Professor Jens Krzywinski, Dresden Technical University, and the examining committee consists of Professor Staffan Björk, University of Gothenburg; Dr. Petra Sundström, Sandvik; Professor Daniel Sundmark, MDH.

Reserve: Professor Erik Prytz, Linköping University


The work presented in this dissertation is in the field of interaction design through visual interaction with information systems in heavy industrial vehicles within agriculture, forestry, and construction. The dissertation investigates how interaction technologies and the application of interaction design methods can be used to provide an efficient interaction and a good user experience for the operator interacting with the heavy vehicle information system. Having a proficient user interaction with these systems is becoming central due to the increasing levels of information- and computation-rich functionality. The possibilities given by new interaction technologies are pushing the frontiers of how and where interaction between humans and computers occurs. This development comes with both opportunities and risks, making the information exchange with the operator a decisive factor for a successful and safe vehicle operation.

This thesis covers the theoretical, methodological, technological, and empirical aspects of design research through interaction design in the heavy vehicle’s domain. A practice-based procedure, through sketching, is used to approach and bring design theories and design perspectives together into a model covering design research, process, and elements of design. The application area is approached by observations of operators, focusing on their attention to vehicle displays. This work presents empirical results with evaluation of the application of pop-up user study methods, and the use of online based user studies within the heavy vehicle domain. The limited attention to digital information providers, observed in the operator studies, led the work into the study and exploration of designs that could visualize information closer to the area in front of the vehicle. The aim was to improve the operator’s situation awareness, by showing warning and navigation information using transparent displays. The realization of these design prototypes contributed to the development of a novel mixed reality simulation environment. The resulting evaluation of the designs indicates an improved information detection, at a lower perceived effort level, using transparent display interfaces.

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