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  • Study location Zoom
  • 2021-05-25 15:00–18:00

Webinar: Towards Knowledge Democracy

Welcome to an open webinar on 25 May about towards knowledge democracy.

There is a movement towards knowledge democracy striving to make research and science more open, responsive to needs like sustainability and equality, as well as more inclusive and democratic in its operation. It is manifested in research approaches like participatory and action research as well as different trends in ideologies of science and its role in revitalizing democracy in today´s knowledge society. How understand and conceptualize knowledge democracy? What is the character of the movement?

The purpose of the webinar is to provide different perspectives on the movement towards knowledge democracy and a space for creative exchange among those interested in learning more about the topic and engaging in the movement.


15.00 Introduction and aim of Webinar. Working towards knowledge democracy in Swedish PAR Community (SPARC). Erik Lindhult, Mälardalen University and SPARC (Swedish Participatory Action Research Community)

15.15 Knowledge Democracy, and the Decolonisation of knowledge. Budd Hall, UNESCO and University of Victoria

15.40 Towards knowledge democracy. A praxis perspective. Olav Eikeland, Oslo Metropolitan University

16.15 Towards knowledge democracy. A sustainability and industrial perspective. Anna Sannö, Volvo

16.50 Towards knowledge democracy. Action research & practitioner research perspective. Lonnie Rowell, ARNA (Action Research of the Americas) and Social Publishers Foundation

17.20 Creative exchange in smaller groups

17.45 Reflection and Summing up

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