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  • 2020-09-29 09:00 – 2020-10-01 16:00

Virtual Career Fairs: Supply Chain, Logistics, Project Management and Transportation

We are happy to announce that Mälardalen University will take part in the Virtual Career Fairs Part II 2020, as part of an exclusive network of top schools across the globe. Both students and alumni are invited to join the virtual fairs.

Text: EFMD virtual career fair series. Bild: sju ungdomar som ler

Recruiters from all over the globe will be in attendance to connect with students and alumni from top ranked schools interested in pursuing graduate programs, internships and experienced hire opportunities.

The event entails a sophisticated job fair simulation environment that enables real-time interaction between candidates and recruiters.

What is there for you?

This is a great chance to introduce yourself to potential employers, meet with the recruiters and start applying to their opportunities.

You can:

  • visit the stands
  • view company profiles/videos
  • chat with recruiters
  • view job opportunities
  • apply for jobs
  • attend webcasts and seminars

Between 29 September and 1 October focus is on Finance, Accounting, Economics, Risk, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Consulting, Actuaries.

The recruiters hope to meet

  • Bachelors
  • Specialised Masters
  • Master’s in Management (MIM)
  • Master’s in Finance (MIF)
  • MBAs (both PT and FT programmes)
  • Alumni

To do before the fair

  1. Log in or create an account with your student/alumni email at http://mdh.gethighered.global/ external link
  2. Click on the new tab in the top toolbar of the platform called “Virtual Career Fairs”.
  3. Confirm your attendance to the fairs of your interest.
  4. Prepare for the fairs by watching existing masterclasses on the platform.

The fair runs from 15 September to 19 November

The virtual fairs replicate a sophisticated job fair simulation environment that enables you to have real-time interaction with recruiters from leading companies and organizations. Both students and alumni are invited to join the virtual fairs, which will run from 15 September to 19 November, and will include 8 weeks of 3-day events.


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