• Study location Campus Västerås
  • 2020-08-23 – 2020-08-27

Introduction days

We want you to get the best start of your time here at MDH. When you arrive at campus during the reception days we're there to meet you and give you a ride to your new accommodation. You're also getting all the practical information you need during the introduction days. And let's not forget about the social part with welcoming mingle, guided tours and much more.

It's a big thing to move to a new country to study. And carrying your bags on a local bus to get to your student accommodation is perhaps not the nicest thing one can do after having travelled for quite a while. During our reception days we gather representatives from Bostad Västerås, the International Committee at the Student Union and of course also from the University itself. You can get your housing keys, a temporary university card and a ride your your new place along with all your luggage.

And then you're settled and about to start your studies. But how do things work here in Sweden and at MDH? What service does the University offer and how do you get access to learning platforms, register for exams, open a bank account, get in touch with the healthcare etc. This and much more will be covered during the introduction days.

This year things are however a bit different due to the Coronavirus. We plan for arranging the reception and introduction as usual, but will keep all our new students updated on the developments.

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