Studie at home as much as possible


The University is closing the premises for the public but keep them open for students however with limited opening hours. The main purpose is to safeguard those around us and reduce the risk of spreading the Coronavirus to infect those who are part of a risk category.

Uppdated Tuesday 07 April:

  • Travels
  • Larger meetings


Campus is kept open only for students who are unable to complete
their studies at home. In order for us to keep campus open it is important for everyone to follow the general recommendations by the Public Health Agency:

  • Studie at home as much as possible.
  • When you are present at campus please keep a distance to your
    classmates, at least 1,5 meter. This applies in areas such as group
    rooms, computer rooms and study places.
  • Please remember to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.
  • Please stay at home even when experiencing the slightest symptom
    of illness and until you are feeling healthy again.

Public areas

As a student you can access the University’s facilities by using your key card.
Opening hours: weekdays 8.00-17.00, weekends/Holidays: 10.00-15.00.

The University Library

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10.00-14.00.
Phone calls and chat/emails are answered: Monday-Thursday 8.00-16.00, Friday 8.00-15.00.
biblioteket@mdh.se , 021-10 13 44

Student Centre

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10.00-14.00.
We strive to limit the physical meetings why we refer you to, if possible, contact us by email or phone.
Email and phone calls are answered: Monday-Thursday 8.00-16.00, Friday 8.00-15.00.
studenttorget@mdh.se , 021-10 13 10

No pysichal education on campus

We are following the recommendations from the Swedish government. Due to the Coronavirus we will from tomorrow on conduct our education on distance only. This applies both for lectures and examinations. In order for you as a student to find specific details around your course please refer to Canvas and your schedule.

During this week and the next 184 written examinations are scheduled. The ambition is to conduct as many as possible of these according to schedule but on distance. A team consisting of representatives from all parts of the university is putting down all efforts to create an overview of which scheduled teaching and examinations that can be conducted digitally and which that need to be postponed.

-We are switching-over to digital work methods to create security for our students and staff, while at the same time taking our community responsibility to slow down the pace of which the Coronavirus is spreading in Sweden. To reduce the number of meeting points where a lot of people gather is an important part of this, says Paul Pettersson, Vice-Chancellor at MDH.

MDH is also recommending the staff to work from home when appropriate. The University library and the Student Centre are prioritising to give service to students through digital channels.


All travels abroad until 15 August this year should be cancelled. MDH follows the advise against all unnecessary travels imposed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and this applies for both business and study trips. We also follow the recommendation from the Public Health Agency to minimise travelling within Sweden. Superiors decide whether there are trips of critical importance to the University and that thus are to be exempt from the regulations.

Please prepare for the possibility of an extension of this regulation and plan accordingly.

Larger meetings

Participation in or arrangement of conferences, seminars etc. national as well as international, must be done digitally until 15 August. This in order to minimise travelling. MDH follows the recommendations from the Public Health Agency regarding maximum number of people in crowds. Please prepare for the regulations to apply during the autumn and plan accordingly.


Extended decision regarding events

Cancellation of all events within the University premises until 15 August. Please prepare for events within the University premises during the autumn potentially becoming cancelled and plan accordingly.

One implication of the decision is that the Completion Ceremony arranged on 16 and 17 June will be cancelled in its regular form. We are currently looking at alternative solutions and if you are in your final semester during spring semester 2020 you will be contacted through email by 30 April at the latest.

Important information to reduce spreading infection

  • Stay at home if you are ill.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and often.
  • Cough or sneeze into the bend of your elbow.

If you suspect that you are ill

If you have symptoms or in other ways suspect that you have been exposed to infection please contact the healthcare through 1177 Vårdguiden. Everyone who feels ill must stay at home just as usual, whatever the type of illness, until they feel better again. Staff members notify their immediate superior and students email studenttorget@mdh.se or call 021-10 13 10.

The Management Group for Crisis and Alert Situations are following developments

MDH is following the information and recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs relating to the Coronavirus. The Management Group for Crisis and Alert Situations are following developments and meet regularly to see what measures need to be taken.

Keep yourself updated

There is a lot of disinformation around the spread of the Coronavirus and websites that might contain harmful code. Please only use trustworthy sources when you search for information.

Below you will find links to organisations that continually update information and recommendations relating to the Corona virus.

Q&A coronavirus

Q&A about the coronavirus

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Here’s how to reduce the risk of infection

We are now at a time of the year when a lot of people catch colds and influenzas. Here’s a list of tips from the Public Health Agency of Sweden which can help you to keep fit and well.

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