Reduce the spread of infection


To reduce the spread of infection and for students and staff to be safe on the University premises it is important that we all remerber to keep distance, stay at home when ill or at the slightest symptom and wash your hands regularly.

For your safety

MDH has taken a number of measures to reduce the risk of infection spreading. In order for the campus to remain open, it is important that everyone follows the directives:

  • keep distance
  • stay at home when ill or at the slightest symptom
  • wash your hands regularly and cough/sneeze in your elbow.

A number of measures

The furnishing in group rooms, teaching rooms and public areas has been thinned out: chairs have been removed and furniture that is not to be used will be clearly marked. The number of bookable places in computer rooms and other rooms has been adjusted. For MDH to be able to keep campus open it is important that everyone follows the instructions in rooms and on furniture.

All practical modules which involve people being close to one another have undergone risk- and consequence analyses so that they will have protective measures that are adapted to that particular module, so therefore they may look different for different courses.

All teaching rooms and public areas will be cleaned at least once a day. It will also be ensured that consumables and hand sanitisers are available.

Here’s how teaching will be done

The Government announced before the summer that the requirements for distance teaching for the country’s universities and university colleges will be eased. Despite this the decision does not mean that all teaching at MDH can go back to its regular activities. The Public Health Agency of Sweden is still encouraging people to study at home as much as possible.

To safeguard fellow citizens and to reduce the risk of the coronavirus spreading in society, MDH will continue to conduct some of the teaching by distance. On the page we have gathered the most important material you need for your distance studies to run smoothly.

For you who are reading your first and second semesters at MDH, examinations or practical modules have been prioritised to campus-based teaching during the autumn semester.

There is no requirement that courses given on campus should also be offered digitally.

Keep an eye on Canvas and the web timetable

Information about how courses or course components are to be conducted will be found in Canvasexternal link and on the web timetableexternal link. This information is continually updated. It is your responsibility to keep a check on this information, so make a habit of going in regularly to keep yourself updated on what applies to you.

Study trips abroad

No international student exchanges will take place during the autumn semester and no study trips abroad will be made up to 31 December.

Conferences and events

All events on campus in Eskilstuna and Västerås are cancelled at the moment up to and including 28 March. This decision does not apply to public defences and licentiate seminars.

Restricted opening times

Public areas

Students and staff gain access to the University premises by using their MDH card and pin code.

Opening hours for students:

  • weekdays 05.30-22.00 and
  • weekends/holidays 06.30-22.00.
  • The computer rooms are open 07.00-22.00 all days.

University Library


Monday–Thursday 09:00 - 18:00
Fridays 09:00 - 15:00

Please note that between 14:00 - 16:00 (Friday 14:00 - 15:00) the library only has digital staffing. You can then reach the staff via chat, e-mail and telephone.

Email: biblioteket@mdh.se
Telephone: Eskilstuna 016-15 37 00, Västerås 021-10 13 44.

Meet the library

The Student Centre

We wish to limit physical meetings and ask you in the first instance to use email and telephone. Email and telephone are answered:

  • Monday-Thursday 8.00-16.00 and
  • Fridays 8.00-15.00.

Email: studenttorget@mdh.se
Telephone: 021-10 13 10

Keep yourself updated

During the pandemic we have learnt that the situation can change at very short notice if new directives come from the authorities. Some decisions and exemptions will therefore apply until further notice or as long as there is a need. Therefore be careful to follow the developments on the student portal, mdh.se and the University’s social media, so that you quickly know what rules apply.

Below is a link to organisations that regularly update information and recommendations linked to the coronavirus.

Q&A coronavirus

Q&A about the coronavirus

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Here’s how to reduce the risk of infection

We are now at a time of the year when a lot of people catch colds and influenzas. Here’s a list of tips from the Public Health Agency of Sweden which can help you to keep fit and well.

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