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Datum 2021-01-15
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Q&A coronavirus

Here are some common question about the Coronavirus that might be relevant for you as a student.

Infection and symptoms

I am ill and don’t feel well. How do I go about?

it is possible for international students to be tested for the coronavirus via health centers, such as Citypraktiken. Call and make an appointment. For information about symptoms and risk assessments, please visit the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s website. Please contact The Student Centre by email if it turns out that you are infected by the coronavirus.

The Public Health Agency of Swedenexternal link

I meet an infected person. What should I do?

For information about the coronavirus and risk assessments, please visit the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s website.

The Public Health Agency of Swedenexternal link

Teaching and examination

What are the University’s thoughts on physical lectures and written exams?

Teaching and examinations are now conducted by distance in the first instance. The Vice-Chancellor has taken a decision that this will apply for the rest of the autumn semester and for the spring semester 2021. Practical modules or examinations which in exceptional cases cannot be carried out by distance will be carried out on campus in an infection safe manner. The purpose of this decision is to provide clarity for students and teachers, to create opportunities for long-term planning and also to continue to follow the authorities’ advice to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

How do you adapt your activities to now include a maximum of 8 people in public gatherings and events?

The government emphasises the importance of us continuing to conduct our education and research activities. A distance mode constitutes the basis and is in line with the University’s decision to conduct an absolute majority of the activities online.

Lectures and examinations within programmes and courses are not considered to be public gatherings or events. According to the Minister for Higher Education and Research there are activities at the higher education institutions which are difficult to conduct limiting the number of people to merely eight, for example examining nursing students or conduct practical elements requiring physical presence. It is crucial to us as a university to contribute to keeping the spread of infection low while at the same time being able to conduct high quality education and maintaining the rule of law during examinations. Therefore, the few activities held on campus will be carried out in smaller groups and in facilities where it is possible to maintain a proper distance.

What’s Zoom and how does it work?

Zoom is a tool for digital lectures and group discussions. Through Canvas, the University’s learning platform, you can find more information on how Zoom works.

Can I make an appointment with a study advisor as usual?

You can make an appointment with our study advisors via phone or Skype. Please see this page for more information: https://www.mdh.se/en/malardalen-university/student/the-student-centre/help-with-planning-your-studies-?external link


Have you adapted the premises to reduce the risk of spread?

Yes, MDH have made a number of measures to reduce the risk of spread of infection. The furnishing in group rooms, teaching rooms and public areas has been thinned out: chairs have been removed and furniture that is not to be used will be clearly marked. The number of bookable places in computer rooms and other rooms has been adjusted. For MDH to be able to keep campus open it is important that everyone follows the instructions in rooms and on furniture.

All practical modules which involve people being close to one another have undergone risk- and consequence analyses so that they will have protective measures that are adapted to that particular module, so therefore they may look different for different courses.

All teaching rooms and public areas will be cleaned at least once a day. It will also be ensured that consumables and hand sanitisers are available.

Is campus open?

For now Campus is kept open only for students who are unable to complete
their studies at home. In order for us to keep campus open it is important for everyone to follow the general recommendations by the Public Health Agency:

  • Studie at home as much as possible.
  • The University libraries are currently open for necessary matters only, for example borrowing and returning literature or using reference literature.
  • When you are present at campus please keep a distance to your
    classmates. This applies in areas such as group
    rooms, computer rooms and study places.
  • Please remember to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.
  • Please stay at home even when experiencing the slightest symptom
    of illness and at least seven days after the first symptoms started and 48 hours after the symptoms have ceased.

The University is open to students and staff. The public does not have access to the University premises. As a staff member you can access the University’s facilities by using your universitycardalong with your pin code.

Opening hours for students:weekdays 05.30.-22.00, weekends/bank holidays: 06.30-22.00.

Is the campus bus still in traffic between Eskilstuna and Västerås?

In order to maintain the distance on the buses students and staff may only use every second seat and every second row.

Like before it’s important that you stay at home if you are ill or have the slightest symptom.

Did you impose new routines for cleaning the facilities at MDH in association to the Coronavirus?

MDH is in a current and good dialogue with the cleaning company in charge of keeping our facilities and toilets clean. Soap is available in all toilets and several areas have been equipped with hand sanitizer. Please make sure that the hand sanitizer stays inside the toilet in order for others to be able to use it. If you notice that soap is missing somewhere please contact lokalservice@mdh.se
We would like to remind you of the importance of washing your hands often in order to prevent spreading infection, as well as to stay at home if you feel ill. Since MDH is continuously working with this matter please follow the developments on our website.


I’m planning to go abroad. Is it OK to go?

All travels abroad until 6 June 2021 should be cancelled. The decision applies to employees and students, as well as visiting teachers, researchers and others. MDH follows the advise against all unnecessary travels imposed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and this applies for both business and study trips. We also follow the recommendation from the Public Health Agency to minimise travelling within Sweden.

Please prepare for the possibility of an extension of this regulation and plan accordingly.

I’m an international student in Sweden. I’d like to abort my studies here and return to my home country. Could I continue my studies as distance education?

Different programmes have different preconditions, why it’s hard to give a general answer to this question. Please contact your course or programme coordinator for more information.

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