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Datum 2021-01-15
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MDH and the Coronavirus

Due to strengthened local recommendations to reduce the spread of Corona virus, MDH will switch campus-based teaching to distance learning when possible.

The university's teaching is conducted mostly at a distance. To reduce the spread of infection and for students and staff to be safe on the University premises it is important that we all remerber to keep distance, stay at home when ill or at the slightest symptom and wash your hands regularly.

For your safety

MDH has taken a number of measures to reduce the risk of infection spreading. In order for the campus to remain open, it is important that everyone follows the directives:

  • keep distance
  • stay at home when ill or at the slightest symptom
  • wash your hands regularly and cough/sneeze in your elbow.

Face mask on the bus

Updated 22 December

From 7 January onwards the Public Health Authority of Sweden recommends that everyone wears a face mask when using public transport during rush hours, that is to say on weekdays between 07.00 and 09.00 and between 16.00 and 18.00. This also applies to the buses travelling between our campuses. The number of places on the bus will continue to be halved, and if necessary extra buses will be deployed to avoid any congestion. Remember - Keeping your distance is showing you care!

Here’s how teaching will be conducted

Updated November 27

Teaching and examinations are now conducted by distance in the first instance. The Vice-Chancellor has taken a decision that this will apply for the rest of the autumn semester and for the spring semester 2021. Practical modules or examinations which in exceptional cases cannot be carried out by distance will be carried out on campus in an infection safe manner. The purpose of this decision is to provide clarity for students and teachers, to create opportunities for long-term planning and also to continue to follow the authorities’ advice to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

Limited number
of people at gatherings

Updated November 27

The government emphasises the importance of us continuing to conduct our education and research activities. A distance mode constitutes the basis and is in line with the University’s decision to conduct an absolute majority of the activities online.

Lectures and examinations within programmes and courses are not considered to be public gatherings or events. According to the Minister for Higher Education and Research there are activities at the higher education institutions which are difficult to conduct limiting the number of people to merely eight, for example examining nursing students or conduct practical elements requiring physical presence. It is crucial to us as a university to contribute to keeping the spread of infection low while at the same time being able to conduct high quality education and maintaining the rule of law during examinations. Therefore, the few activities held on campus will be carried out in smaller groups and in facilities where it is possible to maintain a proper distance.

Adaptations for examination

Updated November 19

The following adjustments will be made for the examinations that must be conducted on campus for reasons related to quality and legal certainty:

  • 2 meters between seated people (the distance is measured mouth to mouth).
  • Admission to writing rooms begins as soon as the examination guards have completed the preparations to reduce the risk of congestion at admission.
  • The exam guards use visors or mouth guards and plastic gloves. If you want to use your own mouth guard or visor is ok, but when you identify yourself you must be able to show your face.
  • The premises are cleaned every day.

It is important that everyone takes their own responsibility

Updated November 19

  • Do not come to the exam if you feel sick. People who show signs of illness will be asked to leave the room. We really want to emphasize that it is important to stay home in case of, for example, a sore throat or cough. There are opportunities to retake the exam if you can not go the first time.
  • Arrive well in advance. Then you help reduce the risk of queuing.
  • If there is a queue, keep your distance and listen to the instructions given to you by the tenant guards. Keep a distance on the way to and from the examination room. Think of it especially in the stairwells.

A number of measures

The furnishing in group rooms, teaching rooms and public areas has been thinned out: chairs have been removed and furniture that is not to be used will be clearly marked. How many people are allowed to stay in each teaching room / group room depends on the design of the room. The number of bookable places is not necessarily half of what the room normally holds, but no more people may stay in a room than it is possible to ensure that the Public Health Agency's recommendations on distance can be followed. The number of bookable places in computer rooms and other rooms has been adjusted. For MDH to be able to keep campus open it is important that everyone follows the instructions in rooms and on furniture.

At the moment we use only teaching rooms, group rooms and designated study places in campus to ensure that we keep social distance. Take notice of the signs in group rooms and at study places indicating how many people are allowed to be the room. Public areas are not to be used as meeting points. There is extra staff on campus to ensure that the rules are abided by.

All practical modules which involve people being close to one another have undergone risk- and consequence analyses so that they will have protective measures that are adapted to that particular module, so therefore they may look different for different courses.

All teaching rooms and public areas will be cleaned at least once a day. It will also be ensured that consumables and hand sanitisers are available.

Keep an eye on Canvas and the web timetable

Information about how courses or course components are to be conducted will be found in Canvas and on the web timetable. This information is continually updated. It is your responsibility to keep a check on this information, so make a habit of going in regularly to keep yourself updated on what applies to you.

Canvasexternal link

web timetableexternal link

Study trips abroad

Updated November 19

No international student exchanges will take place during the autumn or spring semester and no study trips abroad will be made.

Conferences and events

All events on campus in Eskilstuna and Västerås are cancelled at the moment up to and including 28 March.

Keep yourself updated

During the pandemic we have learnt that the situation can change at very short notice if new directives come from the authorities. Some decisions and exemptions will therefore apply until further notice or as long as there is a need. Therefore make shure to follow the developments on mdh.se, Canvas and your web schedule to keep yourself updated.

Below is a link to organisations that regularly update information and recommendations linked to the coronavirus.

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