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Datum 2020-10-01
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Confirmed corona infection in the field of business and economics/finance

100 students within the field of Business and Economics/Finance have unfortunately been confirmed infected with the coronavirus and the University has therefore decided, in dialogue with Region Västmanland, that all affected students should switch to distance learning for the next two weeks. The purpose is to isolate the outbreak and reduce the risk of further spread.

Affected programs:

• The Programme in Business Administration and Economics
• International marketing programme (IMF, Bachelor's programme)
• International Business Management (IBM)
• Analytical Finance

Within the contact tracing, Region Västmanland have stated that the outbreak can be traced to student activities arranged by Mälekon and IMF during the past two weeks. The recommendation to everyone who has participated in Mälekon's and IMF's activities is to stay at home and keep distance from other people for two weeks. Even those who have not participated in the activities, but have met others who have done so, are encouraged to stay at home and keep their distance from other people.

Affected students have been informed and are encouraged to keep track of Canvas for more information on how the teaching should be conducted. Other students may also be affected by schedule changes and are therefore also encouraged to keep an eye on Camvas.

More information about the coronavirus and disease symptoms.external link

  • Date 2021-04-16
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Reduce the spread of infection

The University is closing the premises for the public but keep them open for students however with limited opening hours. The main purpose is to safeguard those around us and reduce the risk of spreading the Coronavirus to infect those who are part of a risk category.

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