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Datum 2020-09-16
Artikeltyp News

Certificate to CSN if your study grant has been affected by the corona pandemic

Kontakta CSN om ditt studiemedel påverkats av coronapandemin

If your study results have been affected due to the corona pandemic, and you will not reach the study results that are normally required for study grants, you can send a certificate to CSN.

MDH will not write separate documents for individual students. Instead you need to take a screenshot of the school´s website, i e the web schedule or other relevant information, to support your application to CSN. Link to CSN website:

Information from CSN “If you are short of credits because the school was unable to provide teaching during the coronavirus pandemic, we will take this into consideration. But you must have some form of documentation showing what has happened. This can be a certificate provided by the school, an e-mail from the school, or screenshots of the school’s website.”


Schedule in Kronox

If you need documentation to prove canceled teaching and canceled exams, or that planned teaching / exams have been changed at short notice, you can recieve the information via the schedule in Kronox.

You can change start and end dates at the headings on the schedule page to get information per course / course code between exact dates. You can, for example, only select exams when you apply per course code, but if you want to show CSN ​​changes in the teaching, you can choose the second link and not "only the exam". You can also search for information for several courses at the same time if you select the tab "Advanced search".

Certificate to CSN

More information on the website of CSN.


Schedule Kronox

More information about your specific course in Kronox

Schedule Kronox
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