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Datum 2021-04-29
Artikeltyp Portrait

Win a workout with Fannie Redman

Porträttbild på student vid golfbana

Fannie Redman is a professional martial artist and runs a gym in Stockholm where she works as a PT and health coach. As a participant in Pluggpeppen, everyone has the chance with their team to win a free online live training session with training expert.

With both feet firmly on the ground and several MMA victories to her name, Fannie has a penchant for exercise and well-being.

– Movement is an incredibly important part in feeling good, being able to do well at school, being a good friend and getting more energy in your daily life, says Fannie Redman.

Fannie is perhaps best known as a martial artist, but in recent years has attracted attention on various podcasts and on social media for her dedication to training. Fannie trains influencers such as Petra Tungården.

– I was super excited to cheer on MDH's students to do more physical movement during Pluggpeppen. As a reward, the winning programme gets a sweaty workout with me online. The students can follow me at @fannieredman and #pluggpeppen during the period so I can follow everyone, says Fannie Redman.

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