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Datum 2021-04-14
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Training provides knowledge for life

Student som lutar sig mot en pilatesboll

Focus and discipline are key. To feel good from the training is a bonus. This according to Ahmed Ibrahim, who challenges himself a bit extra in Pluggpeppen.

Hi there, who are you?

My name is Ahmed Ibrahim, I’m 23 years old and study Master of Science in Engineering - Dependable Systems. I’m an active person who exercises five days a week, two hours a time. In short, training is a part of my everyday life.

What type of training to you like?

I do fitness, using machines and my body weight. For example, there’s a lot of pull-ups and push-ups. I also do a lot of MMA. Oh, and I bike and walk too, but only during the warmer seasons and not in the wintertime. I’m not a fan of cold.

Why do you exercise?

Most important for me is discipline. A lot of people don’t have the energy to exercise because the lack the will to do so. When I exercise and it becomes hard, that’s when I learn something: I know I can do it. That mentality is helpful in school, at work, well throughout the entire life. The energy and the feelgood I get from training I consider a bonus.

Have you tried something new?

Not yet, but I would like to try gymnastics; doing flips and backflips. I’ve never tried that and it would be a challenge to see how I, who start from scratch, could develop.

What’s your best training tip?

Most important is to have a positive attitude, discipline and patience. Training takes time. You can’t hurry, you’ve got to wait for the result. And put in 100% concentration of course. You can’t exercise while your mind is elsewhere.

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