Register your publication in DiVA

All MDH researchers need to register their publications in the university repository, DiVA. Below you'll find some points to facilitate quick and correct registration.

What should I register in DiVA?

As a researcher at MDH, all your publications should be registered in DiVA. Any publications from previous employments should also be registered.

Before I start

Hold off registering your publication until it has been published (unless it’s a part of a compilation dissertation). Don’t register unpublished oral presentations, nor conference papers where you lack information about when and where your paper has been published.

Why should I register my publications in DiVA?

Registering in DiVA will enhance the visibility of your publication; after registration, it will also be found in, for instance, SwePub and Google Scholar. You will also be able to use DiVA to generate a list of publication for your CV and to automatically update your personal webpage at MDH with your latest publications.

The publication information you register in DiVA will also be used for, amongst other things, the internal allocation of research fund at MDH, as well as in national research assessments in Sweden. By adhering to instructions on these pages you’ll avoid the risk of having your publications wrongfully excluded from these kind of assessment exercises.

How do I register publications in DiVA?

Start by checking that your publication isn’t already registered in DiVA, to avoid duplicates. 

Importing data on your publication from other databases (pdf 427 kB)

(such as PubMed or Libris) is highly advised, as this will save you both time and effort, often while enhancing data quality. You are also encouraged to look into whether you can upload a fulltext copy of your publication.

Log in to register your publication.

Below you’ll find checklists of what information is required for different publication types. There’s also a more detailed guide (pdf 369 kB) to give you an illustrated example of what the registration process might look like.

Checklists for different publication types

Article (pdf 413 kB)

Dissertation (pdf 409 kB)

Book (pdf 411 kB)

Chapter in book (pdf 412 kB)

Conference paper (pdf 410 kB)

Manuscript (preprint) (pdf 409 kB)

Patent (pdf 409 kB)

Conference proceedings (editor) (pdf 411 kB)

Report (pdf 410 kB)

Collection (editor) (pdf 411 kB)