Mathematics/Applied Mathematics

Mathematics is a subject which has solid academic tradition with wide applications in areas such as Natural sciences, Engineering, Economics and Life sciences. These disciplines all use mathematics as a fundamental tool.

The School of Education and Culture and Communication (UKK) is a host school for all research, graduate and undergraduate education in the subject area and subject of Mathematics/Applied Mathematics at Mälardalen University.

At Mälardalen University, Mathematics/Applied Mathematics is included in all civil engineering and engineering programs, teacher education, and in some economics programs.

In addition, Mälardalen University offers the following programs in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics:

You can also complete a bachelor's, master's, master's, licentiate and doctorate in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics. After reading the basic courses you can choose from a wide range of courses in the areas where we conduct research today.

In the subject of Mathematics/Applied Mathematics research is conducted in

  • Mathematical statistics, stochastic processes and financial mathematics,
  • Engineering mathematics,
  • Discrete mathematics with applications in social sciences,
  • Mathematical analysis and functional analysis,
  • Algebra,
  • Applied matrix analysis, operator analysis and operator algebra,
  • Non-commutative analysis and geometry,
  • Dynamical systems,
  • Mathematical learning theory,
  • Optimisation and operational research

and applications of Mathematics especially in

• Embedded systems, Robotics, Computer science, Information and communication engineering
• Health technology, Biomedical engineering and Bioinformatics
• Finance and Economics
• Physics and related sciences
• Environment, Energy and Resource Optimisation


Professor Sergei SilvestrovScientific leader of the research enviroment Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (MAM) at Mälardalen University

Professor Kimmo ErikssonSubject representative for Mathematics/Applied Mathematics as undegraduate subject and as research education subject at Mälardalen University

Professor Anatoliy Malyarenko , Direction representative for Financial Mathematics within the subject of Mathematics/Applied Mathematics