Writing reports in LaTeX

LaTeX provides a great tool in writing reports, articles and for your thesis. LaTeX makes many things easier and faster such as typesetting, references both within and outside the document and writing mathematical text. The document is usually compiled to a pdf which also mean that anyone with a pdf reader can read your document. Below is a couple of LaTeX tutorials you can choose to get started.

Template for report

LaTeX Template (.pdf, .tex and a picture in a .zip archive) (zip 232 kB)


Writing reports in LaTeX

LaTeXTutorial , by Jeff Clark

Att skriva rapporter med latex , (swedish) by Per Foreby

LaTeX for Word Processor Users , by Guido Gonzato

The not so short introduction to LaTeX , by Tobias Oetiker

A Simplified Introduction to LaTeX , by Harvey J. Greenberg

Various guides for LaTeX



MiKTex , LaTeX for Windows.

MacTeX , LaTeX for Mac.

A short guide to TeXnicCenter (pdf 321 kB)