MAA704, Applied matrix analysis

The course provides broad knowledge of applications of matrices and of the essential tools of matrix analysis in various areas of engineering and natural sciences. The basic concepts and methods of importance for further study is explained with practical examples from finance, economics, statistics, discrete mathematics and related models from energy, environment and resource optimization, systems analysis, automatic control, computer science and information technology. In addition to training in logical and geometric thinking and the modeling and computing with matrices of particular importance for applications, as well as the capacity for independent analysis and solution of mathematical problems and models is trained.

Course information

Course syllabus and literature

Preliminary study guide ht14 (pdf 64 kB)

Course material

The course compendium is a work in progress and will be updated continuously during the course fall 2014.

Course compendium (updated 30 April) (pdf 1,1 MB)

An example calculating eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrix by hand (pdf 98 kB)

Using computer programs to calculate eigenvalues and eigenvectors. (pdf 84 kB)

Some exercises on material from previous courses (pdf 131 kB)

Lecture notes (fall 14)

Lecture 1 (pdf 199 kB)

Lecture 2 (pdf 358 kB)

Lecture 9 (pdf 315 kB)


Project suggestions, fall 2014 (pdf 794 kB)

Exercise assignments (spring 15)

Last submission date for both of these is Sunday the 17th of May 23.59.

Exercise assignment 1 (pdf 130 kB)

Exercise assignment 2 (pdf 176 kB)

Previous seminar assignments

Exercise assignment 1 (pdf 141 kB)

Exercise assignment 2 (pdf 172 kB)

Seminar assignment1, (corrected 22 Nov) due 29 Nov. 2013 (pdf 155 kB)

Seminar assignment 1 (due 10.00 3 February 2014) (pdf 145 kB)

Seminar assignment 1, due 23 Nov. 2012 (pdf 149 kB)

Seminar assignment 2, due 21 December 2012 (pdf 178 kB)

Seminar assignment 1, due 14 January 2013 (pdf 178 kB) (pdf 144 kB)

Lecture notes (fall13)

Lecture 1 (pdf 276 kB)

Lecture 2 (pdf 271 kB)

Lecture 3 (pdf 317 kB)

Lecture 4 (pdf 1004 kB)

Lecture 10 (pdf 242 kB)

Lecture 11 (pdf 229 kB)

Teachers (fall14)

Examiner: Sergei Silvestrov

Other lecturing teachers:  Christopher Engström , Karl Lundengård , Johan Richter , Jonas Österberg