MAA507 Mathematics of Internet

The course aims to provide students with knowledge of key mathematical ideas, concepts, methods, algorithms and computational tools behind the success of the Internet and Internet-based technologies, and to explain the basic mathematical concepts and techniques with concrete examples of applications in modern information and Internet technologies, other fields of technology and society. The course will also provide training in logical and algorithmic thinking, and in mathematical modeling and computational techniques of particular importance for applications in the Internet and information technology, as well as the ability for independent analysis of mathematical problems and models used in Internet and database technologies.

Course information

Course syllabus and literature

Preliminary study guide vt16 (pdf 73 kB)

Project and seminars

Project topic suggestions (pdf 137 kB)

Lecture notes (VT14)

L2 part 1 (pdf 181 kB)

L2 part 2 (pdf 170 kB)

L3 (pdf 529 kB)

L4 (pdf 300 kB)

L6 part 1 (pdf 186 kB)

L6 part 2 (pdf 1.1 MB)

L7 (pdf 321 kB)

Lecture notes (VT13)

Introduction (pdf 5.4 MB)

Lecture 1 (pdf 239 kB)

Lecture 2 (pdf 776 kB)

Lecture 3 (pdf 249 kB)

Teachers (spring16)

Examiner: Sergei Silvestrov

Other lecturing teachers: Christopher Engström