MAA509 Quantum computing and information

The aim of the course is to introduce the fundamental ideas, concepts and principles that are used to analyze information and quantum information through algorithms based on information theory and quantum mechanical mathematical principles.
Additionally the course will generally develop the student's ability to assimilate and communicate mathematical theory and use it in conjunction with other areas, such as information technology and computer science, to build a new generation of efficient algorithms and to solve problems theoretically and using the computer. In addition the course shall enhance students' knowledge of mathematical programming and computational techniques, and their abilities for independent analysis of mathematical models and solution of mathematical problems.

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Updated course materials can be found on the public for the course.

Inspirational Material

A short introduction to computing, quantum computing and this course can be found here:

  Introdicution to MAA509 Quantum Computing and Information (pdf 1.7 MB)

Eric Johnston is a researcher at the University of Bristol who does research on simulation of quantum computers. For this years SIGGRAPH (one of the biggest conferences on computer graphics) he made a presentation using quantum computing for supersampling in rendering and uploaded it together with interactive examples for their simulator here:

  QCEngine SIGGRAPH 2016 Examples

There are many other interesting places to learn more about quatnum computing, here are a few examples.

Quantum algorithm zoo (Website collecting known quantum algorithms)

Quantum computing for the determined (Video lectures by Michael Nielsen)

Teacher (Autumn 16)

Examiner: Karl Lundengård