MMA390 Degree Project in Mathematics

The larger part of the degree project is based on an independent study, which includes a mathematical description of the models and data studied in the project, the corresponding algorithms and software as well as results of the corresponding experimental computer based studies. The project may also include studies of the relevant literature and seminars. A supervisor is appointed to each student. Before the work start, it has to be shortly described in a written work plan which shall be approved by the supervisor. The student(s) will present the results of the project in the thesis that should contain all necessary parts (title page, abstract, table of contents, introduction, the main text presenting the content of the project, conclusion, list of references) and report them at a special seminar. The thesis must be written, and the oral presentation in the seminar must be held, in English.

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How To write a thesis (pdf 222 kB)

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Examiners:  Linus Carlsson Sergei Silvestrov , Kimmo Eriksson and  Anatoliy Malyarenko