MAA508 Applied Mathematics

The aim of the course is to provide a broad introduction to the concepts and methods of Applied Mathematics and through a mixture of individual and group assignments practice skills in calculation, reasoning, modeling and problem solving both independently and in collaboration with others.

Course information

Course Syllabus and literature

Course guide autumn14 (pdf 65 kB)

Course materials

Compendium (textbook) used in the course, which also includes links to interesting and relevant supplementary information and materials:

Dynamical Systems (pdf 123 kB)

Transform Theory (pdf 178 kB)


Homework for the first 4 chapters. The deadline for the problems on the first chapter (Dimensional Analysis) is Friday the 19th at 13.00. You can hand in your problems in my post box, outside the student entrance to UKK. (On the third floor of the U-building.) or send them in by email to either teacher.

Excercises (pdf 117 kB)

Home exam

home exam due 7/11 (pdf 104 kB)

Repetition material

Repetition material (pdf 212 kB)


Examiner: Johan Richter

Other lecturers: Karl Lundengård