MMA501 Abstract Algebra

Algebra is one of the fundamental branches of modern mathematics. It has its origins in the theory of numbers and geometry. The aim of the course is to find, through examples, the mathematical structures underlying concepts in number theory and geometry. The course focuses on the basic algebraic structures groups, rings and fields that are important in many different branches of mathematics and its applications. These structures, groups, rings and fields, are applied in multiple contexts such as symmetry analysis, counting and enumeration problems, coding theory, combinatorial designs, physics, computer science and robotics.

Course Information

Kursplan och kurslitteratur

Teacher (Autumn term)

Examiner: Professor  

Kursansvarig lärare (Course responsible teacher): Professor Sergei Silvestrov

Course material

Lecture notes: 

Lecture 1 (pdf 125 kB)

Lecture 2 (pdf 80 kB)

Lecture 3 (pdf 122 kB)

Lecture 4 (pdf 103 kB)

Lecture 5 (pdf 89 kB)

Lecture 6 (pdf 107 kB)

Lecture 7 (pdf 122 kB)

Lecture 8 (pdf 127 kB)

Lecture 9 (pdf 107 kB)

Lecture 10 (pdf 101 kB)

Some usefull online resources:

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Wolfram MathWorld and Wolfram Alpha:

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