Applied Algebraic Structures

Algebra is a mathematical area with great width and depth which is applied in many different ways in science and technology.
In the course many algebraic and operator-algebraic structures, ideas, concepts, methods and computational tools will be introduced and applied in many different areas such as robotics, computer vision, life science, computer science, mechanics, automatic control, physics and optimization.
Among other thing the course contains symmetry analysis, commutative and non-commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, operads, Lie-algebras and linear representations focusing on their applications.

Course information

Course syllabus and literature

Study guide 

MAA 601 Applied Algebraic Structures student guide (pdf 102 kB)

contains also a list of directions for course projects.

Some course material

Lecture 1-2 (pdf 11.1 MB)

Teacher and exeminer

Professor Sergei Silvestrov