Research courses in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics

The following program of postgraduate courses is organized by the research environment Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at Mälardalen University as part of the strategic focus on the development of graduate studies in Mathematics / Applied Mathematics.

Programme of research courses in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics 


Programme of PhD courses in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at MAM, UKK, MDH (pdf 648 kB)


Contact persson and programme responsible: 

Professor Sergei Silvestrov , research leader for the research environment Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 


  • Responsible for all courses in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics are Professors, Associate Professors and PhD-qualified researchers in the subject Mathematics/Applied Mathematics in research environment Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (MAM) at the School of Education, Culture and Communication (UKK).
  • The involvement of external researchers with guest lectures and lecture series is normal and welcome in courses organized by the research environment.
  • The courses offered include both courses in Mathematics and in Applied Mathematics. Many courses have applied mathematical interdisciplinary targeted content useful for graduate students and colleagues both in mathematics and in other subjects. Students and colleagues from other universities, research laboratories or industry are also welcome at all postgraduate courses organized by the research environment Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (MAM) at Mälardalen University.
  • Courses by MAM in Västerås are organized in appropriate formats most efficient for participants and lecturers. If necessary, they can be even studied wholly or partly at a distance.
  • All courses given in English or in Swedish based on the agreement between participants and the lecturers. The literature and the complimentary sources used in the courses on advanced undergraduate and research levels in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics are available in English.
  • PhD (postgraduate) Courses in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics normally either are courses taught solely in the context of postgraduate education without being also the advanced master's courses, or courses of double use included in both postgraduate and also in master programmes in Mathematics / Applied Mathematics at MDH or other universities (with extended examinations for those PhD students who take the course). Several graduate courses are taught regularly in the context of the two international master's programs in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics, Master's Programme in Engineering Mathematics and Master's prgoramme in Financial Engineering, which is given, evolve and research based by Mathematics and Applied Mathematics research environment (MAM) at the UKK, MDH. This naturally strengthens important for Mathematics connectionions and interplay between research, research education and undergraduate and advanced level education in the subject and the main subject area of Mathematics/Applied Mathematics at Mälardalen University.   


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