English in your degree

A degree in English gives you a variety of skills valuable to a wide range of occupations.


English 1

In the first term of English studies you will develop your skills in language and communication, while learning about important themes in the contemporary English-speaking world. This term also offers an introduction to the study of English literature and the structure of the English language.

English 2

The second term brings a broader focus to the same areas as English 1, and introduces a historical perspective on language, literature and the English-speaking world. Alternatively, you'll be able to study part of the course abroad. English 1 and 2 together provide a solid foundation for advanced studies in English.

English 3

In your third term the focus shifts to more specialized courses which build upon the first two foundation terms: American Literature & Eco-criticism and Social & Regional Variation . You'll also have the opportunity to conduct an independent research project under the supervision of a member of the English staff.

English 4

This term you can choose to go more deeply into a specialized area of English studies or to spread out into new territory by choosing from the selection of advanced courses. Once again you'll have the chance to work on a topic of your own choice and write an advanced essay.