Welcome back!

Welcome to MDH Alumni, the network for previous MDH students!

Sign up and choose how you want MDH Alumni to be there for you! You decide for yourself what you want to learn about, for example invitations to events and reunions, newsletters, or information and professional development regarding your study programme or subject area.

To register you are required to be one of our alumni, that is to say a former student who has read at least one course at Mälardalen University. 

Apart from signing up and updating your personal details, at mdh.se/alumni you can find current job offers, open lectures, events and news. Here you can also see what some of our alumni are doing now. Please note that some information, especially many of the job offers, are posted in Swedish.

For questions about the alumni activities or about the network or for further information, please contact our Alumni Officer at alumni@mdh.se.