Moving to a new country is a big step. Our cooperation in this area makes finding an accommodation easy!

Although Mälardalen University does not have any apartments of its own, we cooperate closely with the accommodation agencies in Eskilstuna and Västerås and inform them about admitted students. You apply for housing by following the link below.

Housing in Västerås


The majority of our programmes and courses in English are given at Campus Västerås and many of the teachers/professors/faculty members you will encounter during your studies at MDH are based there. This in combination with the active international student association makes most international students choose to stay in Västerås. As a service to you we have made arrangements with the local accommodation agency Bostad Västerås to make it easier for you to apply for housing.

In Västerås you can choose between corridor style apartments with a shared kitchen, or apartments that have a private bathroom and kitchen. Many of the apartments are located conveniently close to the University. There are both furnished and unfurnished alternatives to choose from.


Contact at the Student Union
Elouise Ahlström
Phone:021-10 14 86

Contact at MDH
Jonatan Mathiasson
Phone: 021-10 31 57