Welcome to Student Health Care!

Student Health Care offer support and advice from health adviser and counsellors. Our services are available for all students at Mälardalen University. All visits are free of charge and completely confidential.


Aug 30, 2017At the Student Health Care, we offer all students counselling from both health advisors and counsellors.

In case of illness

Jul 20, 2017Here you can find information about where to turn if you need to get in contact with the healthcare services.

Lifestyle test

Jul 20, 2017The lifestyle test is a short questionnaire on alcohol, smoking, eating habits and physical activity.




Remember to leave your name, phone number and in which city you would like to meet us. (Eskilstuna or Västerås).

Email: studenthalsan@mdh.se
Phone: 021-10 73 80

Phone hours: Monday 08:30-09:30 and Thursday 13:00-14:00

You can also leave a message at any time and we will call you back.