Disabilities don’t have to be an obstacle

A disability, for example dyslexia, can feel like a big obstacle to studying at university. Our aim, as far as possible, is to offer you such supporting measures that you can conduct your studies on the same terms as a non-disabled student.

At Mälardalen University we have around 450 students with different types of disabilities. Our premises are newly-built and centrally located – they are adapted to disabled persons with disabled toilets and automatic door openers. There are also good parking facilities at the University.

Applying for alternative examination arrangements – please note New procedures

Mälardalen University has updated Ladok for students, which means that the procedure for applying for alternative examination arrangements will be somewhat different. This change affects those who, for example, need access to a computer or require an extension of examination time.

Registration for the examination is still done via the Student Portal/Ladok, but in order to apply for alternative examination arrangements, please fill in the form below and send it to studenttorget@mdh.se, no later than 10 days before the examination date.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Centre on 021 - 10 13 10.


This is what Mälardalen University offers disabled persons:

  • Special resources for support
  • The physical environment is accessible
  • There is the opportunity to plan studies individually
  • There is the opportunity to adapt the studies together with a study adviser
  • Education in computer programs can facilitate studies

Every study adviser at each respective School can give you detailed information about the subjects. The study adviser can also assist you with the planning and structure of your studies.

Our studios are equipped with computers and conference tables. Here you can sit in peace and quiet and study at your own pace. The premises are open from 07.00 to 23:00 on weekdays.

We are successful regarding students with dyslexia. More than half of our disabled students are dyslectics. All the staff at our Schools have received information about dyslexia (reading and writing difficulties).

Three students with dyslexia have been allowed to test different computer programs, and they have arrived at three computer programs that are a good aid to their studies. As a student, you may borrow these programs during your period of studies. If you wish you can also receive training in how to use computer support.

Support at our external campuses

If you have a disability and are in the need of any of our support functions you have of course the opportunity for this even if you are studying at one of our external campuses in Nacka, Nyköping or Södertälje. Please contact one of our coordinators for support measures to get more information about what help you can receive. You may even contact them to have a personal meeting at the campus you are studying at.