The autumn semester 2017 begins with a welcome ceremony 25 August for new programme students. During the joint introductory hour you are greeted and given information about Mälardalen University. The session will be held in Swedish.

 Welcoming day 24 August (in Swedish)

Welcome to Mälardalen University! Start your studies by getting a proper welcoming from the university and the Student Union on 24 August. During this hour you will get information about both the university and the two campus cities. After the welcoming hour you get a guided tour of the campus by your programe association and a chance to get to know your fellow classmates. Don't miss it! 

Time and place
Students admitted in Eskilstuna: Elite Stadshotell between 10:00-11:00
Students admitted in Västerås: Bombardier Arena between 10:00-11:00

Introduction lecture 25 August


There's a lot to learn as a new student. We have therefore gathered the most important information that you need in a packed lecture on 25 August. The lecture will be conducted by several staff members from different parts of the university, and is filled with smart tips on how to best cope with your studies. Join this lecture and get prepared and relaxed in time for the start of the semester.

Student Centre   Library

Learning plattforms   Study technique

Disability   Student Health Care

Tme and place:
Students admitted in Eskilstuna: Aula Collegium between 10:00-12:00
Students admitted in Västerås: Alfa or Omega (your choice) between 10:00-12:00


Please note that the above ceremony/-ies are given in Swedish. Would you instead like to participate in the international ceremony which is a bit more elaborate and given all in English, please see 

Programme international introduction 23-24 August (pdf 149 kB)

Roll call 

Starting from 28 August. It is important that you attend the roll call to keep your place in the programme.

Find the time and place is applicable for my roll call.