Welcome to Mälardalen University

Congratulations on your admission! We are very happy to welcome you as a new student here at MDH for the spring 2018.
On these pages you will find practical information that will help you in your preparations.

1. Reception days

Reception services are offered in the main entrance at campus Västerås during 13-14 January (between 15.00-18.00 each day). 

As a service for you, we have gathered staff from the accommodation agency Bostad Västerås, together with the Student Union and University staff to meet you when you arrive. During this time you are welcome to pick up your key, sign your housing contract and get more information about Introduction days and social activities. We will then take you (and your often very heavy luggage...) to your accommodation by car.
Please note: If you are arriving outside of the reception days/times you will need to pick up the key at the office for Bostad Västerås in the city center. 
We recommend you to schedule your arrival to one of these days.

2. Introduction day

Mälardalen University also organises an introduction day for international students in association with the start of the semester. The introduction day will be held at Campus Västerås.

Introduction for international students

Time and venue:   

January 15 at 09.00 in lecture hall Beta

These sessions will give you general and practical information about studies at Mälardalen University and the cities of Eskilstuna and Västerås. You will get information about computer account, student e-mail etc. The accommodation agency, The Student Union, and other functions at the University will also provide information that you need as student at MDH.

During the first weeks there will also be social activities, something for everyone, including for example a trip to IKEA and welcoming mingle. 


3. Roll call 

Exchange students will meet your international coordinator during the afternoon of January 15 and get more information about course roll calls.