Career Plaza or Karriärtorget, is a service function for students who want to prepare for their future working life. Through Karriärtorget you can find ads for jobs and degree projects.

Finding a degree project

Carrying out a degree project at a company is a smart way of gaining practical experience in your education, so find out more about how to get in contact with interested companies and find the project placement that fits your requirements.

Read about the MDH Degree Project Days - Exjobbsdagar" - this school year.

Gain work life experience – write your degree project at a company!

Carrying out a degree project in conjunction with a private company, a government agency, or a municipality is a good way to get in contact with future employers. To find companies and organizations where you can do your degree project, visit the Degree Project Pool.

The Degree Project Pool

Do you need a job?

Summer jobs, extra jobs, trainee positions, or long-term employment? In our job database, there are employers looking for students at Mälardalen University. Of course, even if you have completed your studies, you can look for job offers here. Note, however, that almost all job ads are in Swedish.

The latest job offers