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Get started with your student account and student e-mail.

Here you find a guide to get started with your student account, e-mail and print outs.

Student account

Start with collect your student account here  via the web.
More information about  Student account.

If you already collect your student account, then you need to register on a course or programme.


Here you find information about how you register on a course or programme.
Students can register online through the Student Portal by themselves.
You use your student account to log in to the Student Portal.

Student e-mail (Office 365)

Your student e-mail consits of your userid and (N.B, you use same password as to your student account in your student e-mail. It can take up to 4 hours after you collected your student account before you can access your student e-mail.
More information about  student e-mail.

Office Online/OneDrive for Business (Office 365)

You can create / edit Microsoft Office files online through any Web browser with Office Online, it's also give you the ability to install Microsoft Office on up to five private computers (PC or MAC) as long as you are a student at MDH. OneDrive for Business 25 Gb online storage.
More information about  Office Online/OneDrive for Business.


To be able to log in to the Blackboard learning platform you need an active student account along with an active course registration on a course which operates in Blackboard.
More information about Blackboard  "Blackboard"

Home directory/WebDisk

A home directory is a safe way to save your work on. At the same time as you log in to the computer your home directory is connected. The home directory is in the “My computer” folder and is called (H:\....).
You can create files and folders as well as removing them and changing their names. The size of your home directory is limited to 500 MB so try to clear it out at regular intervals. The home directory is linked to a server of which backup copies are regularly made. The files saved in the home directory can also be accessed from home or from another place via the internet by logging in to WebDisk.

More information about homedrive/WebDisk  "WebDisk"

Printing and copying

For you as a student here at MDH you need a Payex account to be able to use our printers.

Printing and copying