Timetable for the buses

As a student and employee at Mälardalen University you have free travel between our two campuses in Eskilstuna and Västerås, Monday to Friday during the academic year. You use the MDH-card as ticket.

Departure from Västerås


Campus Västerås


(train station) (main entrance) (train station)
06.00 06.10 06.50
07.00 07.10 07.50
08.00 08.10 08.50
09.15 09.25 10.05
10.15 10.25 11.05
11.15 11.25 12.05
12.15 12.25 13.05
13.15 13.25 14.05
14.15 14.25 15.05
15.15 15.25 16.05
16.15 16.25 17.10
17.15 17.25 18.05
18.15 18.25 19.05

Departure from Eskilstuna


Campus Västerås


(train station) (main entrance) (train station)
07.00 07.40 07.50
08.15 08.55 09.05
09.15 09.55 10.05
10.15 10.55 11.05
11.15 11.55 12.05
12.15 12.55 13.05
13.15 13.55 14.05
14.15 14.55 15.05
15.15 15.55 16.05
16.15 16.55 17.05
17.15 17.55 18.05
18.15 18.55 19.05

The bus stops

The central station Västerås, Bus stop I
Campus Västerås, (Between building U and R) Address: Högskoleplan 1
The central station in Eskilstuna, Address: Västermarksgatan.

Red days

No traffic on red days.

Guaranteeded seating

All students and staff are guaranteed a seat on the buses.

Internet access

The buses have access to Internet through Wifi.

Safety on board the buses

All buses are equipped with safety belts. You must use the safety belt, for your own safety as well as others'.

Lost belongings

If you forget anything on the buses, the driver will leave it at the Student Centre.

What you need to know as a student

In order to be able to take the bus, you need to show your personal MDH card to the driver of the bus.

What you need to know as a new student

If you are new as an MDH student and need to go by bus to your roll-call (‘upprop’), you should order your MDH card via the Student Portal.

If you haven’t received your card before the start of the term, you can go to the Student Centre and show your letter of acceptance, whereupon you’ll be given a temporary travel document. This needs to be shown to the bus driver together with a valid photo ID. The temporary travel document is valid for a period of four weeks from the start of the term.

Your MDH card can be ordered after registration via the Student Portal. The registration period begins two weeks before the start of your course or programme. It may take up to six hours after you have registered before you can order your MDH card.

What you need to know as an employee

The free travel with the buses is only valid for travelling when on duty and not for travelling to work from your home.

Tickets for other travellers

The simplest and cheapest way to buy tickets is via the Swebus homepage swebus.se , via their telephone number 0771-218 218, or via Swebus’ sales representatives, including Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven shops and the VL customer centre in Västerås.

For a list of all representatives, traffic information etc., visit swebus.se or call their customer support at 0771-218 218.