Björn Lisper, Professor

Björn Lisper is professor in Computer Engineering at Mälardalen University since 1999, where he leads the Programming Languages research group.

He received his MSc (Engineering Physics) 1980, and Doctor of Technology (Computer Science) 1987, both from KTH, Sweden, where he also was appointed "docent" in Computer Systems (1991).  Prof. Lisper is the coordinator of the Marie Curie IAPP project APARTS, and he is the Chair of the COST Action IC1202 Timing Analysis on Code-Level. He has been a Core Member of the FP7 NoE ArtistDesign, where he was the leader of the timing analysis activity. He coordinated the FP7 ICT project ALL-TIMES. He is also a member of IFIP WG 10.2 on Embedded Systems.

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