• We develop renewable energy systems

    The Future Energy Center at Mälardalen University aims at developing innovative solution for the future energy system.


  • Renewable energy

    The Future Energy Center includes research on redesigning, improving and using novel, efficient renewable technologies. Biomass, bioenergy and solar energy are main focused areas.

  • Energy efficiency and emissions mitigation

    The Future Energy Center includes research on how new technologies and services can be integrated in the energy system in order to increase efficiency and reduce emissions.

  • Smarter modelling, optimization and management

    The Future Energy Center includes research on how smarter modelling, optimization and management can make industry processes more effective and energy efficient.

Future Energy Center

The challenges due to the energy related emissions, increased energy demand and the fragile state of the global economy calls for rethinking global energy systems. Therefore, the research within the Future Energy Center focuses on renewable energy, energy efficiency and emission mitigation, as well as smarter modelling, optimization and management.

The Future Energy Center is one of Sweden's strongest environments in process optimization targeting the process industry and the energy sector. We develop innovative solutions and tools within the areas of energy, building and environmental engineering.

The Future Energy Center has good relationships with both companies and recognized national and international centers, including several Chinese universities. The profile comprises nine professors, a further fifteen senior researchers and more than forty graduate students.

Three focus areas

The research at Future Energy Center is focused around three areas:

  1. Track 1: Renewable energy
  2. Track 2: Energy efficiency and emissions mitigation
  3. Track 3: Smarter modelling/optimisation and management

Research profile

Within Future Energy there is a research profile; Future Energy Center , wich is supported by KK-stiftelsen (Stiftelsen för kunskaps- och kompetensutveckling).

Post-graduate studies

The Future Energy Center also offers studies at post-graduate level in Energy and Environmental engineering . We are also part of the research school Reesbe (Resource-Efficient Energy Sytems in the Built Environment).