About Carl-Fredrik Lindberg

Carl-Fredrik Lindberg is since 2013 Adjunct Professor of Process Automation with focus on Energy Efficiency at Mälardalen University. His research aims among others to improve energy efficiency, quality and productivity in different types of processes and industries.

Carl-Fredrik’s main employment is at ABB Corporate Research where he since 1997 works as a research and development engineer. At ABB he has for example applied modeling, simulation, control, optimization and diagnostics to make paper machines more energy efficient, improved steel quality in casting by control  of electromagnetic fields, improved the voltage control in SVCs, developed algorithms for wireless control, reduced electrical costs by demand side management, etc.

His current research:

  • Benchmarking of industries where the goal is to improve energy efficiency, quality and productivity by defining performance indices that are able to identify poor performance and waste of resources.
  • Modelling, control and optimization in wastewater treatment by using algae. Algae are able to recover valuable nutrients in the wastewater far more efficiently compared to today’s processes. Less energy will also be needed since the energy consuming aeration may not be required. The combination with biogas production will also be investigated.
  • Smart soft sensors in the industry.