Computer Science

Computer science is one of today's most exciting and important academic topic.

Computer science is everywhere, for example the cell phone in your pocket, your computer as you surf on the tv, microwave and all appliances at home. But it's not the stuff that is of interest, it's what's inside them. Computer science is about how all the things that we see (and even more the ones we don't see) works. How they should be designed to enable us to easily interact with them, how they should be created for them to be reliable and effective - do not remember for sustainable development.

The most important skill a student in computer science must acquire is the ability to use programming language. It's all about expressing yourself in writing in a language that computers can understand. The student of computer science need to learn about how the internet is structured and how it can be used and programmed in a safe, reliable and user-friendly manner.

Computer science is the foundation for an even ongoing social transformative revolution. Old truths about advocacy, ownership and how business is done has been turned upside down. Most if not adapt it difficult to survive, such as music and film industries. Information wants to be free during the last twenty years has been a strong ideological driving force that gave us open source, one of the essential foundations for today infromationsinfrastruktur.

Sweden has a long tradition of software development, not least in its traditional businesses, ABB, Ericsson, Volvo, etc. But even more interesting is that the new companies that build our prosperity into the future. Their innovations based on computer science, such as: Skype, Spotify, DICE, Starbreeze, Teenage Engineering, Pingdom, Loopia, and many many more.

Västerås has a vibrating economic state of knowledge in computer science is high. A bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree in Computer Science from Mälardalen University is the start of a rewarding career.

Computer science includes subjects as intelligent embedded systems, artificial intelligence and software engineering.