About MDH Alumni

Through MDH Alumni you can learn about several different services, and you can also choose to show your commitment in various ways. Here is a brief description of what you can learn about through MDH Alumni.

Career and continuing professional development

Although you aren’t studying any longer, you can still learn about new knowledge and develop your skills within your subject area. Through MDH Alumni you have the opportunity to learn about new knowledge within your area, both through events, seminars and digital newsletters.

Do a guest lecture and inspire

You can become an important part of our students' education! By telling others about your experiences and the lessons learnt from your working life you can contribute with valuable knowledge. This can take the form of a guest lecture at our introduction days for new students, a particular part of a course or perhaps in connection with some ceremony or an event.

Events and reunions

Through MDH Alumni you can learn about invitations to different events that MDH arranges.  Among other things they can be about career development events, reunions or research events.

If you would like to organise an event and get help and advice, please contact alumni@mdh.se

Inspire people to study

You can be a great inspiration for those who are uncertain about their choice of studies. Through MDH Alumni you have the opportunity to take part in interviews and events that inspire people to study. It is valuable for the University, but above all for the people who are faced with the difficult choice of choosing an education. For these people, information from alumni is invaluable, since you can tell them not only about studying but also about the future and professional life.

Linkedin networks, with current alumni and interesting information

In the MDH Alumni group on Linkedin we highlight current alumni and interesting information. Here you also have the opportunity to get in contact with other MDH alumni. 


Each year MDH arranges a mentor programme where we bring students and mentors together with one another. As a mentor you make a fantastic contribution for the student when you share your experience and into the bargain gain knowledge about the latest developments within your area of work, and an opportunity to develop your leadership skills and contact networks.


Twice a year MDH Alumni issues a digital newsletter, where you can read news about our research, education and other matters that concern the University.

The alumni magazine Samspel alumni

MDH Alumni issues the alumni magazine Samspel alumni once a year, which you are able to have sent straight home to your letter box. The magazine includes interviews with different alumni and up-to-date information about MDH. Please note that the magazine is in Swedish and is only distributed to Swedish addresses.

Other services you can have access to as alumni:

Degree projects! Perhaps a student can solve your problem? 

Have you got ideas that there is never time to implement? Interesting issues or evaluation methods that you don’t have time to investigate? Let a final-year student get the opportunity to help you by offering you a degree project. 

Is your company looking for new talents?

In MDH's work database you have the opportunity of advertising vacant positions free of charge. These are then shown in the RSS feed on the start page of the alumni website and also reach out to our students.