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Register and choose how you want MDH Alumni to be there for you!

By registering it's easier for you to stay connected to MDH – in the way you wish. In the registration process you simply state how you would like to maintain contact with MDH and what is interesting for you to take part of.

Registration – here’s how it works

It's easy to create your alumni page

  • Enter your e -mail. A confirmation email will be sent to you with a link. By following the link you can complete your registration.


  • Log in through your Linkedin account and contiune directly to your alumni page.

Your alumni page

On your alumni page, you can register for those services and information you want to take part of and in if your are interested in sharing and inspiring through the university.

If you create your alumni page through your linkedin account, the system automatically fills in your working life experience. If you have registered through your email, you can fill in this information manually. 

After this, your profile is complete!

To update your information

If you want to update your details, you simply fill in your e -mail or linkedin account as done when registering, and will come to your profile page were you can edit your information.

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